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PCC grew at an astonishing pace by developing its corporate structure and operations to place the client at the centre of the construction process. Adopting the mantra that “the client is key”, and treating clients as if they are family, helped PCC build the best and most valued relationships in the industry.

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MMK Planet

Laboratory Testing

All our plastic scrap regrinds and HDPE film are sent to a certified laboratory where they are checked for conformity and specification against manufacturers data.

On completion of all quality checks, the samples are taken from dispatch to confirm conformity and rigorously checked to make sure they are ready to leave the site for the final destination.

Quality Control

MMK Planet is committed to achieving quality and has adopted the philosophy that: 

“quality is not an event, but a journey without a finish line”

We are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. MMK Planet has established the following measurable quality objectives:

●  Ensure we understand our client’s requirements and that these requirements are satisfied to the best of our ability.

●  Ensure effective and efficient delivery of our products to meet the client’s needs and expectations.

●  Ensure that activities engaged by the company are conducted safely for employees.

●  Ensure we provide our clients with high quality product, conforming to their expectations.

MMK Planet acknowledges that it is incumbent on employees at all levels to ensure that the provisions of the Quality Management System are attained. This is achieved by effective communication and employee’s acceptance of their responsibilities with respect to fulfilling the company’s quality objectives.