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PCC grew at an astonishing pace by developing its corporate structure and operations to place the client at the centre of the construction process. Adopting the mantra that “the client is key”, and treating clients as if they are family, helped PCC build the best and most valued relationships in the industry.

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Is helping organizations to improve their performance by applying solid principles of management through analysis of their existing organization and operational problems. Has been operating from the Kingdom of Bahrain for the last 10 years and is supporting a number of companies worldwide to address their issues.

A creative person uses their imagination to formulate ideas and solve problems. An artistic person, however, uses one of many physical processes to create tangible works of art. Artists require creativity to further their craft. While only some people have artistic abilities, everyone is, or can be creative.

The information technology profession is extremely diverse. IT workers can specialize in fields such as software development; application management; hardware components; server, storage or network administration; network architecture; and more.

Our advisors use their knowledge and expertise to construct personalized financial plans that aim to achieve the financial goals of clients. These plans include not only investments but also savings, budget, insurance, and tax strategies.

Human Resources Management

Human resources managers plan, coordinate, and direct the administrative functions of an organization.

Management functions

At the most fundamental level, management is a discipline that consists of a set of five general functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. These five functions are part of a body of practices and theories on how to be a successful manager.