Poullaides Energy

Oil and Gas

Based in Cyprus and tapping new opportunities which have arisen recently in oil and gas sector and specifically in the natural gas sector.

Cyprus has discovered natural gas in its Exclusive Economic Zone and the exploration programme is currently ongoing with the drilling of new wells explorations.

Poullaides Energy will offer services to new entrants in the island of Cyprus which will be involved in the Cyprus National Gas exploration and exploitation programme.

Poullaides Energy will offer inter alia:

» Competency Development

» Assets Support

» Engineering and Project Services

» Facilities Management

A. Competency Development

» Selection of competent personnel and recruitment

» Competency assessment by our HR experts

» Project training which will be based on the specific needs of the company.

B. Competency Asset Support

» Maintenance of equipment and installations

» Operating procedures and manuals

» Environmental advise and support

C. Engineering and Project Services

This will involve support for our clients in

» Project Management and Construction

» Security Systems

» Electricity and Scada Systems

» Safety

D. Facility Management

This will involve the following:

» Cleaning Services

» Maintenance of the installations

» Provision of logistical support