PCC Waste Management

PCC Waste Management is involved in the environmental sector and has been formed to be a leader in Cyprus and the Middle East.

PCC Waste Management is shareholder and promoter of many companies in the field and is always striving to provide new and efficient solutions to the waste management and waste elimination in Cyprus and overseas.

PCC Waste Management is involved in all the related activities required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal and recycling.

This includes amongst other things collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste as well as the recycling process in order to form final products for the consumers.

The central principles on which PCC Waste Management has been founded are from the most favoured to the least desirable:

» Prevention

» Minimization

» Reuse

» Recycling

» Energy recovery and

» Disposal


Our waste hierarchy refer to the 3 Rs

» Reduce


» Reuse


» Recycle

PCC Waste Management is involved in the setting up and promoting of new projects in the following fields:

» Waste to Energy

» Creating of Biofuels

» Landfill Rehabilitazion

» Plastics Washing and Pelletizing

» Film Collection, Washing Pelletizing

» OCC Paper Collection and Recycling